Discover the island of wonders and beauty

Of all the beautiful destinations in and around the Mediterranean, Santorini Island, in the center of the Aegean Sea is perhaps one of the most loved. An island shaped by unstoppable forces of nature, has managed to become one of the world’s top destinations, as its imposing caldera with the unique architecture and the idyllic atmosphere never fail to impress and enchant even the most demanding visitor.

Santorini was devastated by a catastrophic volcanic eruption in 1600BC that sank most of the island and caused a tsunami wave that reached the coasts of Crete and Africa. What were left were the majestic caldera and the belief of many that Santorini was actually the mythical Atlantis, adding to the charm of this already enchanting place. Throughout the centuries, Santorini has been known for many things, for its fierce citadels, for its strong, intoxicating wine and its one-of-a-kind products but most of all, for its alluring ambiance that captivates all the senses and leaves an indelible mark in the heart of anyone lucky enough to reach its volcanic shores.

Welcome to the amazing experience that is a holiday on Santorini Island. Welcome to a place where the sun, the sea and the volcanoes have collaborated to bring forth a small slice of heaven in the center of the Aegean Sea. Join us to a journey into savage beauty, alluring sunsets, bewitching history and tantalizing taste. We, at June Twenty Suites would be more than happy to assist you in any way in your exploring every corner of Santorini and enjoying all the treasures this heavenly place has in store for you! Ask us to help you arrange guided tours, private cruises, car and ATV rentals and anything that can facilitate your amazing Santorini experience; after all, we are here for your utter pleasure!


There are numerous places worth visiting when in Santorini. Start your getting to know the rich history of the island from the archaeological excavation of Akrotiri, the site of an advanced prehistoric civilization that was completely covered by lava from the devastating volcanic eruption of 1600BC. The Archaeological Museum of Thira showcases the most significant findings of Akrotiri, as well as Ancient Thera, a Spartan colony located on top of the Mesa Vouno Mt. Apart from the imposing ruins of the ancient city, from Ancient Thera you can admire breath-taking panoramic views to the entire island, and particularly the black beaches of Perissa and Kamari. When it comes to the medieval history of Santorini, the Kastelia of the island are the most impressive relics to visit. Pyrgos Village located in the center of what is known as “the Great Vineyard of Santorini” is a typical example of a Santorinian Kasteli, where the outer walls of the homes served as the fortification of the citadel. Narrow alleys and charming corners of island beauty are hidden in every step you take, highlighting the mystifying medieval vibe of the mainland.

The villages of Emporeio, Oia and Akrotiri were also medieval Kastelia, whereas the imposing Skaros Rock at Imerovigli hosted another mighty city, of which nothing has remained to testify its existence. Nevertheless, the Rock of Skaros is a magnificent place that offers breath-taking views to the sea and the sunset. In addition to the major caldera attractions of Fira, Imerovigli, Akrotiri and Oia, make sure that you allocate some time for a visit at the Monastery of Profitis Ilias, on the highest spot of the island near Pyrgos for mesmerizing panoramas, the Lighthouse of Akrotiri and quaint, traditional Megalochori for a peek into authentic island life. For any additional information on sightseeing in Santorini, please don’t hesitate to address the June Twenty management, at your disposal throughout your stay!


Santorini, in all its magnificent glory offers many proposals for activities that will please every visitor. Starting from the most obvious one, swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea in Santorini’s unique volcanic beaches is a not to be missed experience; gorgeous beaches of unusual colours such as the famous Red Beach, the White Beach and the Black Beaches of Perissa and Kamari; otherworldly landscapes such as the lunar-like rocks of Vllychada; and charming coves of unique character such as Kambia or Columbos.  

Another essential activity in Santorini is sailing around its coast. By far the most impressive way to get to know the island and admire its beauty is on board a luxury yacht or catamaran; also a spectacular way to watch the awe-inspiring sunset.
Hiking is an exciting activity; in Santorini it is transformed in a life affirming experience. All the villages across the caldera are charming and beautiful, from Akrotiri in the south to the quaint Oia on the far northern tip, and you can trek the spectacular path on the verge of the caldera that leads form one to the other, all the way from the south to the north; a path with breath-taking sceneries in every step of the way. Additionally, the path from Pyrgos Village to the Monastery of Profitis Ilias and then to Ancient Thira, Emporeio and finally Kamari Beach is one equally worthy.

Gastronomy holds a significant place in the activities one should seek when in Santorini; as the Great Vineyard of Santorini is known around the world for the delicious volcanic wines it produces, a wine-tasting in a local winery is truly irresistible. Combine that experience with local tastes, trying out some of the products indigenous to the rough land of Santorini such as the fiery cherry tomatoes, the surprising white eggplants and of course the golden, lush fava. Combine the lavish local tastes with the breath-taking spectacle of the Santorinian sunset for an experience unlike all others.

The people of June Twenty are at your utter disposal when it comes to suggesting and arranging any activity you wish to attend. We would be happy to help you plan your holiday itinerary for a wholesome and gratifying experience of Santorini Island.